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Vinyl Flooring

Goodhill supplies Vinyl Flooring in Singapore.

Why Vinyl Flooring? 

  • Vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain, repair and clean.
  • It is cost effective compared to most types of flooring.
  • Inexpensive substitute to granite & marble tiles.
  • Because of its rubber composite and texture, Vinyl floors are much comfortable to walk on. This is the reason why vinyl is becoming so popular for kitchen and bathroom flooring.

At Goodhill, we provide 4 types of Vinyl Floorings, 3mm Art Tiles, 5mm Click n Lock tiles, 3mm Korea Supplied tiles and 6 mm Interlocking Tiles.

Ultra Resilient Vinyl Flooring

Features :

  • 100% Waterproof (suitable for wet areas like kitchen or Pantry
  • Easy to install
  • Market Leading 0.55mm Commercial Grade Wear Layer
  • High Slip Resistance
  • Zero VOC and Formaldehyde Emissions

GH 1393

GH 1360

GH 1364

GH 1450

GH 1356

GH 1329

GH 1405

GH 1451

GH 1343

GH 1403

GH 1405

GH 1451

Premium Range Korean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Goodhill’s premium range incorporates nano silver antibacterial technology with Valinge click flooring technology.

Features :

  • UV Cured Coating
  • Nano Silver
  • Crack-Proof
  • 0.5mm Wear Layer
  • Spill-Proof
  • Made in Korea

Goodhill 3mm Vinyl Tiles features a thicker 0.5mm Wear Layer to improve durability. A UV cured coating ensures that the layers are bonded properly and a Nano Silver treatment provides anti-bacterial properties.

5mm x 176mm x 940mm

0.5mm Commercial Grade Wear Layer

10pcs / Box (1.65m2)

GH 5011 CS

GH – 5011 CS

GH 6053 CS

GH 5016 CS

GH – 5432 CS

Goodhill Korean Art Tile Collection

3mm x 180mm x 920mm(0.3mm Wear Layer)

20pcs / Box (3.31m2)

Glue Down Installation

Goodhill 3mm Art  Vinyl tiles from Korea offers a wide range of natural wood colours and textures to give your home that artistic touch. A wear layer protects the tile against spills and scratches, providing a long lasting and easy to maintain surface.

GH 6934

GH 6915

GH 6943

GH 6717

GH 6948

GH 6711

GH 6965