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Available in: Washed Teak ( WT), Aged Walnut ( AW), Silver Fir ( SF )
Size : 23mm x 140mm x 2700mm ( Solid )


Product Description

1.Natural and realistic wood grain

  • Enjoy the beauty of natural wood without the cost of maintenance

2. New patented Ultra Embossing Technology

  • Gives DuraDeck a deeper grain imprint and a surface durable enough to withstand commercial traffic.

3. 70% more stain resistant

  • Against foreign substances such as laundry water, soy sauce, red wine etc (as compared to traditional composites)

4. Easy to clean

  • Use a pressured hose jet and general household cleaning agents to clean <> optimally.

5. 80% more scratch resistant

  • Compared to first generation composite decking
  • Reduces drag lines under furniture

6.Exceptional load weight exceeding 450kg

  • Using a batten structure with standard spacing(350mm C/C) to achieve one of the strongest composite decking in the market

7.Superior UV resistance

  • Stringent testing to ensure a fading of less than 3% after more than 5000 hours (colour fastness test) of exposure to UV light. (unnoticeable by the naked eye)

8. Environmentally friendly

  • Singapore green label certified.
  • Made from recycled materials and recycled wood fibres, no trees were cut down to produce the decking.



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