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Composite Decking

Goodhill supplies Outdoor Decking and Composite Decking solution in Singapore.

Why Composite Decking? 

  • The beauty of real wood can transform any outdoor space, but wood can need regular maintenance or can become slippery when wet; it quickly loses its original appeal via fading, absorbing stains, and eventual rotting.

At Goodhill, we provide 3 types of Decking solution, DuraDeck Ancient Wood, DuraDeck and DuraDeck Shield

THE ULTIMATE maintenance free outdoor decking solution.





Features :

  • 100% STAIN-PROOF against Red Wine / Food / Bird Droppings.
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED polymer outer shield has improved scratch resistance and prevents mold and mildew formation.
    POLYMER SHIELD prevents moisture from being
  • absorbed into core structure thus drastically reducing rapid expansion and warping issues.
  • PATENTED SHIELD+ Polymer Cap allows the creation of exceptionally vivid deck colours that last longer than conventional uncapped composite decks.
  • CLEANING YOUR DECK has never been easier! With DuraDeck Shield+ all that is needed to clean up nasty spills and BBQ mess is just water and regular floor detergent.

Installation Instruction

Toffee Teak

TT - 23140

Honey Rum

HR - 23140

Coffee Walnut

CW - 23140

Earl Grey

EG - 23140

Natural and realistic wood grains to mimic real wood without the maintenance involved Patented Ultra-Embossing technology creates a deeper and more hard wearing surface with improved anti-slip properties Market-leading weight load bearing of 450kg with standard 350mm base span Superior UV resistance for less fading. No varnishing of deck is required.

Goodhill Ancient Wood Series

Old is gold.
Indulge in our speciality range of unique Ancient
Wood Composite Decks to add a rustic touch to
your outdoor spaces.

Enhanced 3D surfacing technology creates the
realistic look of weathered timber with a more
defi ned wood grain and texture.

Available in sizes: 23 × 140 × 2700 / 4200mm