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Thickness : 44mm/55mm
Width : Max 1200mm
Height : Max 2800mm
Custom sizes available.

Fire-rated doors rated at 1/2 to 2 hours are available in all Designer Door designs.


Product Description

Our Wooden Fire Rated Door come in 1/2 hour1 hour and 2 hours fire-rated.
Metal Fire-Rated Doors can be up to 4 hours fire-rated.
Wooden Fire Rated Door are suitable for use as maindoors and can be elegantly finished in a variety of ways.
Do approach our sales person for the full range of the options available.

Our fire rated door comes with the HDB permit as required by HDB. Beware alot of wooden door companies do not provide the necessary HDB permit required. Buying from a fire rated door without HDB permit is against the HDB regulation. For more info, please refer to

All fire-rated doors at the entrance of HDB flats are installed with a door closer. This is a self-closing safety device that must not be removed. In the event where there is a fire, the door closer prevents fire and smoke from spreading into the corridor. This helps create a fire break between the flat and the corridor.

You may find that the door closes too fast or is unable to shut on its own.

  • Why this happens:
    • The door closer’s speed control may be out of alignment
  • Solutions:
    • Turn the speed-adjusting valves to adjust the closing speed
  • Maintenance tips:
    • Tighten the screws of the door closer
    • Replace the door closer if fluid is leaking from it and the door cannot be shut on its own to find out more.


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