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DuraFloor – Hyper Rigid Core Flooring

Why DuraFloor - Hyper Rigid Core Flooring? 

Experience exceptional quality in every step you take on our DuraFloor H.R.C.Flooring.

Wide range of ultra realistic wood grains and colours available to match every imaginable design theme.

Softer foot feel and improved sound-insulation with the acoustic EVA Underlayment.

100% Water-Proof. Great for use at moisture prone areas like kitchen and bathroom entrances.

Thanks to a stain-resistant top layer, cleaning up wine/oil/food spills are a breeze!

Patented UNILIN Click System ensures ease of installation, seamless joints and unrivalled clipping strength.

HRFC-108 Sawn Dark Oak

HRFC-118 Soho Night

HRFC-129 Sanded Alder

HRFC-195 Valley Maple

HRFC-267 Brazilian Hevea

HRFC-284 Barrelwood

HRFC-287 Heritage Grey

HRFC-342 Winter Elm

HRFC-347 Silvery Elm

HRFC-356 Ebony Walnut

HRFC-384 Soho Grey

HRFC-387 Farmhouse Oak

HRFC-176 African Teak

HRFC-352 Tanzania Almond

Cement V-Grooved Series HRFC-506 Portland Dark

Cement V-Grooved Series HRFC-530 Portland Light

End Trim

T – Trim

L – Trim

Skirting 60mm