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DuraFloor – Ultra Resilient Vinyl Flooring

Ultra Resilient Vinyl Flooring

Why Vinyl Flooring? 

  • Vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain, repair and clean.
  • It is cost effective compared to most types of flooring.
  • Inexpensive substitute to granite & marble tiles.
  • Because of its rubber composite and texture, Vinyl floors are much comfortable to walk on. This is the reason why vinyl is becoming so popular for kitchen and bathroom flooring.​

Features :

  • Easy to install
  • Market Leading 0.55mm Commercial Grade Wear Layer
  • High Slip Resistance
  • Zero VOC and Formaldehyde Emissions
  • High quality print films that mimics natural wood flooring
  • Patented Uniclic System to prevent gapping issues

Plank Size : 4.55mm x 180mm x 1230mm

Packing : 10 pcs (23.82 ft2)                         .

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GH 1360

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GH 1450

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GH 1403

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